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Adobe Advances Web Application Development and Simplifies Social Network Integration.


Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the immediate availability of Adobe® Flash® Builder™ 4 and ColdFusion® Builder™ software, next generation Flash Platform tooling for building multi-platform rich Internet applications (RIAs). In addition, Adobe added a new Social service to the recently introduced Adobe® Flash® Platform Services. The Social service streamlines integration between Web applications and 14 leading social networks using Facebook Connect, Sign-in with Twitter, MySpaceID and LinkedIn.

Andrew Shorten: In the Flex 4 SDK, we’ve implemented a completely new component and skinning architecture (Spark) that supports a level of expressiveness in RIAs not seen previously.

In Flash Builder 4, the team has made it easier than ever to connect to back-end services with a complete set of data centric development features, enabled new design and development workflows with Flash Catalyst and Flash Professional, as well as enhancing the core code development features that are essential to developer productivity

Sources :-

Flash Builder 4:

Adobe® Flash® Builder™ 4 (formerly Adobe Flex® Builder™) software is designed to help software developers rapidly develop cross-platform rich Internet applications (RIAs) and content using the open source Flex framework. It includes support for intelligent coding, debugging, and visual design and features powerful testing tools that speed up development and lead to higher performing applications.

ColdFusion Builder “ Rapidly build, deploy, and maintain Internet applications ” :-

Adobe® ColdFusion® 9 and Adobe ColdFusion® Builder™ enable developers to rapidly build, deploy, and maintain robust Internet applications for the enterprise. ColdFusion 9 allows developers to condense complex business logic into fewer lines of code. ColdFusion Builder is an Eclipse based IDE for efficiently managing ColdFusion application development from concept through deployment. Together, they offer a complete set of tools and services for creating rich, robust Internet applications.

Ahmed Rabieh

Flash Platform 2009: Year in Review #1

Adobe Flash Platform

Flash Platform 2009: Year in Review #1

This has been a huge year for the Flash Platform and with 2009 drawing to a close we thought it would be great to go back and look at some of the things that happened this year. I’m going to break it down into 3 parts this week and next, first talking about some of the applications that you all have created. Second I’m going to focus on some of the news we made around the Open Screen Project and our partners. Last I’ll talk about some of the technical enhancements and innovation around our tools, the runtimes, and our new service initiatives.

The strongest part of our technology stack has always been you, the community. It’s the applications and content that you create which keeps pushing the entire web forward and makes our tools and technology shine. There are millions of you who have helped make the Flash Platform the absolute best way to create innovative and cutting-edge applications and in 2009 we had some great examples of that.

  • London Borough of Southwark - A great enterprise example, Southwark created the One Touch system that made it easier for citizens to access government services. One Touch was built with Adobe LiveCycle ES and deployed on the Flash Platform.
  • Marathon Technologies - Built an RIA management console that shows how RIAs can make it easier and faster for customers to get things done.
  • Tweetdeck - A great example of how Adobe AIR lets web developers take advantage of new services, Tweetdeck is the most popular desktop application for Twitter and raised over $2 million in funding this year.
  • FLARToolKit - Augmented Reality became one of 2009’s buzzwords and FLARToolKit created bySaqoosha, a Japanese Flash developer, was a big reason for that. It helped spawn great demos like GE’s Ecomagination and John Mayer’s Heartbreak Warefare video which debuted at MAX 2009.
  • TimesReader and GlobeReader - Digital publishing had a wild year in 2009 and these two applications, built on Adobe AIR, gave us a look at what the future of the newspaper might look like.
  • SlideRocket - An early adopter of the Flash Platform, SlideRocket makes it easy to create great looking presentations on the web. They raised an additional $5 million this year and showed how beautiful and functional a Flex user interface can be.
  • Flash Games - We started talking a lot more about the Flash gaming community this year and it’s going to be a hot topic in 2010. As Adobe brings Flash to more mobile devices it’s going to open up new options for deployment for Flash game developers. Continuity is one standout example of why Flash is still the best platform for game creators.

There are literally thousands of applications that were developed this year on top of the Flash Platform. You can see more examples of what people are building over at the Flash Platform site. If we missed your favorite, let us know in the comments below.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the Open Screen Project and some of the news it made this year.

Posted By : Ryan Stewart

Designers vs Developers: Coming together to build the best RIAs

Presented on Nov 3, 2009 at Øredev in Malmo, Sweden.

What is the fastest way to get from a product idea to a rich internet application ? By breaking down the communication barriers between designers and developers.This talk takes a quick look at how to build a shared vocabulary and use prototyping to bypass extensive wireframes and development specs.

Take a look at 5 simple and effective prototyping tools:

  • Balsamiq Mock-ups + Nakpee
  • Any wireframes + Protoscript
  • Prototcasting (using click-throughs and screencasts to convey requirements)
  • Atlas and other development environments + visual layout editors


ADOBE TOUR in EGYPT | Adobe RIA Edge User Group

-Target :- Adobe Tour main target is to Exchange our Knowledge, Experiences, Technology we use to undergraduate Students and try to help them to learn Adobe Technology.

-Scope :- Our scope this summer will cover alot of fields (Development, Interoperability between Development Languages, Graphics Design, Usability, Accessibility, Rich Internet Applications and New Concepts …), we have already a Qualified Speakers, and we are now working in our Complete Agenda.

-Audience :- Summer Tour Audience will be (Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Fine Arts Students )

- Topics:
Adobe RIAs Tools and (Flash, Flex, ColdFusion, Live Cycle). the interoperability between other languages (Java , .Net , PHP , …. )
Adobe Design for Rich Internet Applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash).
Adobe RIAs and new Usability Concept.
The Future of RIAs Accessibility.

- Co-Organizers & Sponsers :-

  • Adobe User Group in Egypt
  • Adobe Fine Arts User Group
  • Adobe Imagine User Group
  • ACM “Ain Shams Chapter”
  • Ain-Shams University
  • Cairo Univesrty
  • Fine Arts Helwan University
  • ITWorx Company
  • Cutting Edge Club
  • Academia Bridge
  • Java Group in Egypt
  • Cairo University IS

- Tour Agenda

  • ITWorx , 8th July       :: Opining 5:30 Pm - 7:00 Pm
  • Ain-Shams University :: 18th July , Full Day
  • Cairo University         :: 25th July , Full Day
  • Fine Arts Cairo           :: 1 August , Full Day
  • Fine Arts Alex            ::  Soon

ADOBE TOUR Official Site :-

To Use RVSP for the Opining :-

RIAs Navigator :: RIAs Everywhere !

As we all know RIAs Technologies is evolving in incredible way, “Adobe RIAs Edge UG” pleased to announcing today about RIAs Navigator Newsletter “, it will be a Bi-Monthly Newsletter About the Latest News About Rich Internet Applications , RIAs Navigator will contain some articles from everywhere inside Internet World, also it will Contains “Famous & Latest” Applications in RIAs World , it will be a good chance for our Members to be updated with RIAsTechnologies, maybe RIAs Navigator will be someday a big Archive for Adobe RIAs.

RIAs Navigator Discussion Board

Thanks, Regards
Ahmed Rabieh

Search optimization techniques for RIAs

“After Adobe Annoncment last year about the “New Serchability Option for SWF” we have today a new challenges from RIAs for search engines , let’s read the really great article from Damien Bianchi”

“A variety of technologies and platforms are used to create rich Internet applications (RIAs), including Ajax, Curl, JavaFX, Microsoft Silverlight, and the Adobe Flash Platform. It’s no secret that RIAs present challenges for search engines. Understanding the importance of this issue, Adobe has partnered with Google and Yahoo! to get to the heart of the issue and to come up with solutions that can not only work with the Adobe Flash Platform but also provide insight and fundamentals that can influence future technological advances.

In fact, a similar issue arose a few years ago with the PDF format. At the time, search engines had trouble recognizing the content contained in these documents. Now, search engines can crawl and index PDF files rather easily. The point is that eventually this issue will be solved, and Adobe, Google, and Yahoo! are leading the charge.

Last year Adobe announced a major breakthrough with the release of optimized Adobe Flash Player technology (since dubbed “Flash Player for Search Engines”), which is essentially a “headless” version of Flash Player that can change states of SWF content and gain access to the text content residing within. For a quick overview of how Flash Player for Search Engines works, please watch Duane Nickull’s video blog post about it.

While Adobe, Google, and Yahoo! continue to collaborate to solve the problem, there are things you can do today to improve the relevance of your SWF content in search results. This article explains what the issues and challenges are and how to overcome them, whether you are a developer, designer, content owner, website owner, project manager, or even an SEO expert.

For example, suppose you’ve got a site built using Adobe Flash technology. You’ve received rave reviews on the slick design, smooth animation sequences, and overall powerful user experience. It does a great job of establishing a unique brand experience, it was developed for easy updates, and it is just flat-out cool. Schedule, budget, and content challenges were overcome and now everyone is basking in the glory. This article will help you answer one of the most important questions, and one that few people ask at the onset of a project: “Oh, by the way, does the site work with search engines?” Sound familiar?

This question usually arises only when the work is completed and your client begins searching for terms related to their brand, only to find that the site ranks much lower than expected. Most of the time, creating a search-friendly site was not part of the scope, nor was it considered or discussed when establishing the information architecture, design, and functional specifications.

Considering all the different criteria that need to be considered and prioritized when developing RIAs—client expectations, design decisions, content requirements, functionality decisions—it is very important in the planning stages to outline exactly how your RIA will comply with search. You will benefit in the long run if you spend the time up front to create a search-friendly RIA. The goal of this article is not to add another discipline to juggle, but to provide you with search best practices that can be integrated into the development cycle. Yes, it can be done.

To make best use of this article, you should be familiar with Adobe Flash technology and rich Internet applications, and have an advanced understanding of web development techniques.”

By : Damien Bianchi

Thanks, Regards
Ahmed Rabieh

New Facebook Adobe Developer Connection

Deliver rich, social experiences on the web


The Adobe Flash Platform and Facebook Platform provide the ideal solution for building rich, social experiences on the web. Flash is available on more than 98% of Internet-connected PCs, so people can immediately access the applications, content, and video that enable social interactions. The Facebook Platform is used by millions of people everyday to connect and share with the people in their lives. Together, both platforms allow you to:

  • Share: Create rich interactions for users to share with friends.
  • Have fun: Make games social; let users compete against their friends.
  • Connect: Let users connect to your RIAs with Facebook Connect.
  • Solve problems: Build RIAs that harness the power of community.
  • Reach people: Reach millions of Facebook users through social distribution.

The new ActionScript 3.0 Client Library for Facebook Platform API, fully supported by Facebook and Adobe, makes it easy to build applications that combine the strengths of the Flash Platform and Facebook Platform.

Source : Adobe


Ahmed Rabieh

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