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Ahmed Rabieh | Rich Internet Application Adventurer » 2009 » March

Adobe “Meer Meer” Where is it ?!!

Usually every year Adobe shows off the Top Secrets Projects throw “Sneaks” keynote, like “Moxio” became Flex 3.0 , “Thermo” became “Flash Catalyst” , “Gumbo” will be the next generation of “FLEX” , in ‘08 Adobe showed off new cross browser testing tool that will completely make obsolete , also few days ago microsoft announced last days about Microsoft Expression SuperView as a new Competitor.

Meermeer, which is set to debut as an online service and Dreamweaver CS4 extension on Adobe Labs sometime this year “2009″ , is a cross browser web site testing tool that will be delivered as a service.

Meer Meer

Meer Meer

Those methods generally require developers to actually publish a web page and then point a service (or friend) at the live page to test in various browsers. Meermeer simplifies the process by letting developers send local code to the Meermeer server and almost instantly receive back screenshots of that page rendered in different browsers and on different operating systems, with no need to go live with the code. The code can be set to be sent automatically from Dreamweaver (similar to the preview in browser view) and Meermeer can stay synced with the latest version of the code — so you can get continuous updates on how your code looks cross browser as you tinker with it.

Meermeer doesn’t use a batch processing method to serve up screenshots. Rather, the site scales as needed by deploying more virtual machines to take site screen shots, which means there will never be a long wait time to receive test results, and adding additional browsers and operating systems is simple. At launch, the service will support a “core” set of browsers based on those in use most by end users around the web, including Internet Explorer 6 and 7, and Firefox 2 and 3 on Windows, and Firefox 3 and Safari on Mac.

Another helpful innovation Meermeer adds is the ability to view browser tests via multiple views. In addition to the standard 1-up, and 2-up (side-by-side) views, Meermeer has an “onion skin” view that overlays one browser screenshot on top of another. Developers can adjust the opacity on each shot with a slider so they can pin point differences. As you can see in the screenshots above.

BTW i need to share a fast screen shot of Microsoft Super View (Beta Released ! ) .

Still we asked Where is Adobe MEER MEER ?!!

Thanks, Regards

Ahmed Rabieh

Adobe Flex Bug Quash Live Very Soon.

An event where the community comes together with one goal in mind.. To quash as many bugs in one day as humanly possible. Don’t just complain, do something about it.

The first Flex BugQuash will start at March 28 at Adobe Seattle and Online via Connect.

The goal is for everyone in the community to know how to make changes to the Flex SDK, submit patches and ultimately make a better SDK for all of us to work with. Right now there are only a handful of people that are actually submitting patches, Join the community with the Flex team in fixing bug within the Flex SDK.


Thanks, Regards

Ahmed Rabieh

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