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Ahmed Rabieh | Rich Internet Application Adventurer » 2009 » July


ADOBE TOUR in EGYPT | Adobe RIA Edge User Group

-Target :- Adobe Tour main target is to Exchange our Knowledge, Experiences, Technology we use to undergraduate Students and try to help them to learn Adobe Technology.

-Scope :- Our scope this summer will cover alot of fields (Development, Interoperability between Development Languages, Graphics Design, Usability, Accessibility, Rich Internet Applications and New Concepts …), we have already a Qualified Speakers, and we are now working in our Complete Agenda.

-Audience :- Summer Tour Audience will be (Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Fine Arts Students )

- Topics:
Adobe RIAs Tools and (Flash, Flex, ColdFusion, Live Cycle). the interoperability between other languages (Java , .Net , PHP , …. )
Adobe Design for Rich Internet Applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash).
Adobe RIAs and new Usability Concept.
The Future of RIAs Accessibility.

- Co-Organizers & Sponsers :-

  • Adobe User Group in Egypt
  • Adobe Fine Arts User Group
  • Adobe Imagine User Group
  • ACM “Ain Shams Chapter”
  • Ain-Shams University
  • Cairo Univesrty
  • Fine Arts Helwan University
  • ITWorx Company
  • Cutting Edge Club
  • Academia Bridge
  • Java Group in Egypt
  • Cairo University IS

- Tour Agenda

  • ITWorx , 8th July       :: Opining 5:30 Pm - 7:00 Pm
  • Ain-Shams University :: 18th July , Full Day
  • Cairo University         :: 25th July , Full Day
  • Fine Arts Cairo           :: 1 August , Full Day
  • Fine Arts Alex            ::  Soon

ADOBE TOUR Official Site :-

To Use RVSP for the Opining :-

Why I love the Flash Platform !

Why I love the Flash Platform !

Adobe Flash Platform

Adobe Flash Platform

A Great Post from Serge Jespers | Platform Evangelist :-

Before we start and just so we get this out of the way… For 2 years now, Adobe pays my paycheck. That said, I “saw the light” of Flash more than 13 years ago. Because of my long history with Flash, I feel I can say that this is an unbiased post.


First of all, Flash is everywhere. I’m not just talking about its ubiquity but also about the variety of devices it is available on. It’s not just a browser plugin anymore. The Flash Platform now extends from desktop to mobile to consumer electronics. There are already more than 1 billion devices in the market today that support Flash content. While this is a “lighter” version of the Flash Player, it already has a lot of its bigger brother’s features and is already used for lots of mobile applications, games and promotional content. Together with the Open Screen Project partners, Adobe aims to bring the same consistent runtime that you’re used to in your browser to a broad variety of devices. In the not too distant future, you’ll be able to repurpose the code base across multiple devices. I’m actually doing a workshop about that very topic at MAX this year!


With Flash, you never needed to worry about how your application will look in browser X or on operating system Z. And you still don’t have to worry about that. If Flash Player is installed, the application works and behaves consistently across all browsers and operating systems. Even applications/sites built with Flash 1 still work as designed. If you want to use any of the new features that are available with a new release of Flash Player, you (as the developer) can use express install to transparently upgrade the Flash Player. The same thing goes for desktop development with AIR. A single AIR application installer runs on Mac, Windows and Linux machines without having to worry about operating specific settings or features.


Even back in the early days of Flash, the community around it grew every day. Just about all of the early community sites around Flash are still alive and kicking. Ultrashock and FlashKit, for instance, are still going strong. If you get stuck somewhere, there’s always someone around to help out. If you’re looking for a particular ActionScript library, chances are that someone has already created one. Some of these ActionScript libraries have even caused some amazing innovations on their own. Papervision 3D and FLARToolkit are just a couple examples. Many sites and applications like FacebookFlickr and Twitter even have dedicated ActionScript 3.0 libraries.


Yes… Open! Not only is Adobe very open about what it’s doing and future roadmaps, the file formats used by Flash Player are also open. The specs for the SWF and FLV file formats are open as well as the specs for AMF (the binary format for exchanging data used by the Flash Player) and RTMP. Adobe also uses and supports many open source projects like Eclipse and WebKit and also contributes to the open source community.

But the most important reason is actually pretty simple. The Flash Platform is just a lot of fun to develop for and it’s very clear that the future is looking very bright for Flash Platform developers. Flash on!

By Serge Jespers

Thanks, Regards
Ahmed Rabieh

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